In the current situation DESMA and all of us together are challenged to cope with extreme and fundamentally new challenges in all areas of our lives. The things of our everyday life that were previously taken for granted are gaining a new weighting.

The corporate and social responsibility of DESMA to meet the requirements of the given circumstances to the maximum possible extent was decided in close coordination with the entire team on the following measures, which initially concern the plants in Germany and Slovakia:

DESMA reduce the production capacities to an operation adapted to the circumstances

The delivery of orders in system and supply-relevant areas will continue.

The spare parts supply is maintained.

The hotline service is available without restrictions.

DESMA service technicians are available for you remotely.

Your contact persons are continuously available under their contact details.

DESMA will fully support their plants in China, India and the USA.

It will provide regular information about DESMAs situation, business activities and delivery capabilities.


Digital networking – It is important for DESMA to engage in “new” ways of joint exchange. Digital tools that were considered “nice to have” only a few days ago and whose effect was questioned in comparison to personal exchange suddenly turn out to be quite productive and practicable.

In response to these strongly changed framework conditions, DESMA provides its industry partners the SmartConnect 4.U ecosystem free of charge from 01.04.2020. After a short registration process, a modern and secure possibility will be provided to network digitally and efficiently with each other, exchange specific information and advance personal project work. Or simply to communicate current challenges and concerns.

It is about to benefit from the innovation performance of DESMA and to shape the future together!

#FLATTENCURVE – Events are tumbling over and it can be assumed that the significant restrictions on public life will remain in place for longer time.

DESMA appeals to solidarity and sense of responsibility of every individual in order to exhaust all possibilities, to slow down the spread and thereby of course to protect you as well as the DESMA employees – especially the risk groups!

DESMA asks for a responsible handling of this situation so that a normal business routine can soon be resume. Take care of yourself. Pay attention to others! Health is always first priority. Stay healthy!

Matthias Horx

„The world will become new in some way, because we become new in our perception of the world.“

Pero Micic

„It is important to invest time, spirit and also money in the future now.“

Harry Gatterer

„We will learn a lot about ourselves. And we will see and meet people afterwards with completely different emotions.“


Digital society is becoming more and more interconnected. It is not only people who are connected in social networks; new technologies, applications and fields of business are arising as a result of the massive networking of sensors, computers and data stores. The physical and virtual world are linking up to the Internet of Things. Industry 4.0 describes this shift towards intelligent production systems and products. Likewise, the ever-closer interaction between people and machines in the daily routine and in business life is opening up forward-looking new opportunities, e. g. for increases in efficiency and for new businessmodels. In addition to manufacturing, in the age of digitalisation, market structures arechanging: value is created more and more frequently via global platforms where supply and demand are consolidated globally on the basis of data.

DESMA customers also stand to benefit from these new digital offerings in the future. In addition to our physical innovations, we will support our customers in their interests to grow and create value. In real terms, DESMA will provide services via its own ecosystem. These services meaningfully integrate and further develop previous services such as SmartConnect 4.U products. The goal is to dovetail the ecosystem with the customer systems in order to optimize and intelligently map and further develop joint activities and processes.



Impressionen OF K 2019
LAUNCH OF THE SmartConnect 4.U Ecosystems


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