XpertForum 2020


24 days of XpertForum are behind us, it is time to take stock. To make a long story short, the first digital event of this kind was a complete success. More than 1,300 people registered. We recorded over 16,000 page views and the workshop videos were opened 6,500 times.

The total video viewing time was over 1,584 hours and on average each participant consumed the workshops for 73 minutes. Visitors from more than 45 nations were welcomed. This shows us that we have created a truly global event that surpassed the classic Open House in terms of both the number of visitors and the internationality of the event.

More than 200 individual appointments, 64 live expert meetings and numerous, partly very concrete enquiries are proof of the high interactive part of this event. We are sure that we will see this useful digital event again very soon for all participants.



Impressions of the XpertForum 2020
06.10.2020 – 30.10.2020


In our latest edition of Records 2020 you can read how we at DESMA meet the changing times in an elastic and dimensionally stable manner. Find out more about what we have achieved over the last few months to straighten out the overlapping of the various moments of crisis. We look forward to working with you to continue shaping these challenging times with a view to the future. Have fun while reading!

SmartConnect 4.U Ecosystem

Digital networking – It is important for DESMA to engage in “new”, often not so groundbreaking ways of mutual exchange. Digital aids and tools which a few days ago were considered “nice to have” and whose effect was questioned in direct comparison to personal exchange suddenly turn out to be quite productive and practicable.

As an adequate response to these now strongly changed framework conditions, DESMA will provide its industry partners with the SmartConnect 4.U Ecosystem free of charge from 01.04.2020. After a short registration process, a modern and secure opportunity will be provided to network digitally and efficiently, to exchange information, challenges and concerns in a targeted manner and to advance personal project work.

In special times like these benefit from the innovative performance of DESMA and shape the future together!


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